Here are a number of terrific websites out there dedicated to contemporary a cappella music:

  • The Contemporary A Cappella Society– a clearinghouse for all things a cappella, including articles, blogs, album reviews, and so much more. If you are a big a cappella fan and you seek a central resource for a variety of topics, this is the place for you.  Most of the content is free to everyone, but if you pay for the membership you are eligible for certain additional benefits.
  • Mouth Off– the podcast on all things a cappella which inspired me to write this blog. This weekly show, typically 45-50 minutes in length, is a consistent source of interesting and entertaining comments and opinions. Great way to learn about groups, studios, and individuals in the a cappella community that you might not otherwise know.
  • The A Cappella Blog– a compendium of happenings in world of collegiate a cappella, this blog does a particularly good job of following the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella competition and has recently expanded its scope and repertoire to include original fiction and weekly columns and video selections.
  • Vocal Blog– a great resource for a more cosmopolitan perspective on the global world of contemporary a cappella, plus an aca-marketplace!
  • A Cappella News– a blog which focuses on a broader range of a cappella news, including classical music and actual real-world news involving a cappella.
  • Harmony Sweepstakes festival– a national competition which features regional rounds in eight cities, each of which is guaranteed to be a great evening of a cappella entertainment.
  • The Sing Off– the now-canceled American television show which has given modern a cappella music a new (and huge) voice in pop culture.
  • Sin3g– a cappella videos, blogs, and interviews with numerous relevant people in the a cappella community.
  • Vocal Asia– an organization started in 2010 to serve as a central clearinghouse for vocal (a cappella) music in Asia.
  • European Voices Association– a new association seeking to bring together singers, arrangers, producers, and fans of a cappella music in Europe.
  • A Cappella 101– the informative and very useful blog run by longtime a cappella performer, director, clinician, and producer (and attorney!) Jonathan Minkoff. Great posts on licensing and other legal topics relating to a cappella music, fundraising, and competitions.
  • Human-Feedback– the website run by Rob Dietz, a cappella specialist, alum of Ascending Height, Ithacappella, and vocal arranger for Season 3 of The Sing Off, and more. He offers a variety of a cappella services, writes a blog,  writes his own music, and is someone you should know about.
  • The Quest for an A cappella Major is a blog run by doctoral student and part-time college faculty member (Five Towns College) Marc Silverberg. A series of interesting, insightful thoughts about all things a cappella as he works on crafting a curriculum for a college major in a cappella music.
  • RARB– The Recorded A Cappella Review Board is a long-established website offering reviews of a cappella albums and EP’s. It’s a terrific place to look up groups and albums going back many, MANY years and the reviewers are a veritable “who’s who” of the a cappella community.
  •– a site which catalogs and distills the essence of a cappella blogs from all over the world.
  • What Should A Cappella Call Me– tumblr!

Here is a list of some of the production companies that specialize in recorded a cappella music (in no particular order):

Here are a few of the many arranging services available today (again, in no particular order):

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