AcaVids: June 12, 2015

It’s time for another international edition of AcaVids. We love to check in periodically and see what’s going on outside of our beloved United States.

As always, please feel free to share suggestions for future editions via email ( or Twitter (

Vocalocity and Kevin Fox (of The Swingles) at Aarhus Vocal Festival


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AcaVids is Back: May 2015

It’s been quite a while, but we’re going to get the AcaVids segment back up for at least 2 posts a month, possibly more.

Things have been quite busy in the a cappella community and with a cappella on mainstream social media and even traditional media outlets. Here’s a smattering of what’s been released, performed, or featured in the month of May. Enjoy!


The lovely ladies of Honey Whiskey Trio

The international virtual (and occasionally IRL) vocal jazz sextet Accent

Boston’s immensely talented Fermata Town

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AcaVids- MOVE with Ball In The House

As crazy as it may sound, this Jersey girl has driven up to Boston (just for the night!) to see Ball In The House, so when I found out that they were performing less than 40 minutes away, there was no way I would miss it!

After a long day at school, I was energized by the prospect of seeing the new line up perform. Good friend Montario ‘Monty’ Hill, from DC, recently joined their ranks, adding his soulful baritone to the group. I had the pleasure of watching him perform with DC-based group, The Lobby, at SingStrongDC earlier in the year and he blew the audience away, helping to clinch the win of the Aca Idol competition. Cole Sherratt, their newest tenor joining from Houston, started singing and writing songs at the age of 13. Lastly, I couldn’t wait to hear James C. Jones, their new bass and former member of a group called The Fix. Little known fact, he may or may not semi know how to use nunchucks. Perhaps this skill will make it to the stage one day! ūüėČ

They opened with an energetic 90s throwback, ‘This Is How We Do It’.

After a few songs, an original ‘Set The Mood’ was included.

One of my favorite songs that Ball In The House covers (and better yet off-mic!) is ‘Falling Slowly’.

For more vids from this show, please check my playlist here.

A little over a month ago, Ball In The House released a seven track EP, titled MOVE. (Click here or here for full track listing.) I finally picked up my copy at the end of the show in PA. I proceeded to listen to it every single day, multiple times a day, for fifteen days straight. ūüėé If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, or if you’re looking for a great holiday gift, you’re in luck! We are GIVING AWAY a SIGNED copy of MOVE to one lucky winner! See this page for entry. GOOD LUCK!

Hope to see you at a show soon,
Tara :-)

AcaVids 7-9-14: Harmony Society Champs and More

This past weekend was the Barbershop Harmony Society‘s International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. ¬†The winning quartet was a group from New Zealand called the Musical Island Boys, who I¬†nearly featured in an AcaVids post back in April. D’oh! Well, they earned their way in here now. No clips of their winning performance yet, but here they are performing in 2013 (they were subsequently the Silver medalists at the 2013 international competition). They also won the collegiate competition in 2006, so they have consistently been one of the best quartets in the world for a while now.

Next up, the winners of the chorus category- Vocal Majority– with their actual gold medal winning performance.

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AcaVids- Week of June 30

Hello Everyone!

Summer has started, and if you are a teacher like me, you have the next two months to unwind! This weeks acavids is focusing on¬†a few¬†things:¬†Live Looping, Vocal Percussion¬†and America! ¬†I have been avidly watching the World Cup and cannot be more excited with how the USMNT has been playing. ¬†Combine that with the ¬†celebration of our nations independence and you can’t help but feel super patriotic: possibly even more patriotic than Captain America eating Apple Pie at a Baseball game.

As for the focus on vocal percussion, I received some great news earlier this month. ¬†I was informed that I ¬†have been accepted to present at the National American Choral Dirctors Association (ACDA) Conference this coming February on ” Vocal Percussion in Contemporary Choral Music”. ¬†I could not be more excited to represent the A Cappella Educators Association (, ACDA, and the A Cappella Community on a national level.

On to some videos:

Kid Beyond– Wandering Star

Kid Beyond is fantastic at what he does.  A former vocal percussionist for The Housejacks, Andrew Chaikin went on to make a name for himself as Kid Beyond.  His music has actually been featured in video games and watching his live show is fascinating and entertaining all at once.  The use of looping pedals and Ableton Live make his performances possible.  Enjoy!

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