October 2015 A cappella News

October was a huge month for Pentatonix, and a big month for other a cappella news as well. In light of the massive accomplishments for PTX, they get their own section in the lead here, and then we jump to the other news in the a cappella community.


So, remember that time PTX released an album and it became the first a cappella album ever to hit number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart?

How about when they were on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, PBS News Hour, and more?

They were also written about in or interviewed by Time magazine, ABC NewsThe New York Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, People magazine, US magazine, Billboard magazine (x2), and more.  The group was all over social media as well, even taking over the YouTube twitter handle for awhile.

In case you missed this nugget, they signed an international publishing deal.

Also, their tour documentary, “On My Way Home,” was added to Netflix streaming in October.


For those who wanted to know more about why Sara Bareilles left The Sing Off, this article was a revelation.

Rockapella was mentioned a lot on the web for the 30th anniversary of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (here, here, here, here)

Straight No Chaser released their album “The New Old Fashioned” and their new video was featured on Popsugar.

The Women’s A Cappella Association had a lot of news about the SheSings 2016 festival, including that Harmony Sweepstakes winners Women of the World will be performing and applications for festival instructor and performers are now available.  Also, submissions for WACA are now being accepted here.

Ben Bram, who has worked as arranger, songwriter, and producer with Pentatonix, was profiled here.

Over at the Vocal Blog, Andreas Zehent wrote about the “Let the People Sing” festival.

The American Beatboxing Championships were held in New York City, NaPom won.  Beforehand, HuffPost Live had a panel feature on beatboxing.

Adele released her new single, “Hello,” so a cappella groups everywhere are likely rushing to arrange and record or perform it. Marc Silverberg writes why they shouldn’t (and I mostly agree).

The Aca-West Festival was held in San Francisco, with performances by SanFran6, Streetcorner Renaissance, and more and clinicians including Deke Sharon.

This piece about the history of contemporary a cappella music in the Philippines was published.


Gentleman’s Rule released their second album, “The Walk.” (h/t acafanbase)

The Swingles announced the upcoming release for their new holiday album, “Yule Songs vol. II,” which you can find here.

The Women’s A Cappella Association released the new SheSings collaborative track.

Hyannis Sound released their new album, H20.

Voices In Your Head released their new single “Heroes.”

Domino released a new single, “Walking,” featuring Ylamar, and the track is on Spotify as well as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, now.

NYU’s Mass Transit released “Thinkin’ Out Loud.”


Normally I would write an intro for each video, but I just don’t have the time right now and we’ve got more posts to come. Just click a group’s name below and enjoy.




Drums of War



Fortuna Major

Six Pack

AMS Prelude

Take 6


BYU Noteworthy


Sons of Pitches


Acappella Academy





A number of post-collegiate or professional groups are holding auditions right now. These were a few we came across.

Ball in the House is looking for a bass/baritone, and you can email Monty@Ballinthehouse.com.


Vocal Chaos

Ten and Change Auditions


As always, I’m sure there’s plenty we missed. You can always let us know of your group’s even or news by emailing us at news@acatribe.com.

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