September 2015 News

We have decided to get the monthly news column back up and running, beginning with this somewhat belated edition. Next month, we’ll have a more timely summary compiled by several contributors. For now, take a look at what happened in September and feel free to let us know what we missed in the comments below! Going forward, please email us at with your a cappella news.


As usual, we lead with Pentatonix because they are leading the a cappella pop culture revolution.  The group announced the release date of their new album, coming October 16, and then released videos for two of the tracks. Unsurprisingly, this one has over 5 million views in a little over a month, and this one is approaching 4 million views in half that time. They also hit 9 million YouTube subscribers (technically on Oct 1, but whatever!) and 600,000 followers on Twitter. The PTX freight train keeps rolling along.  Also, Avi and Kevin showed up in Mix magazine (hey, audio engineers, welcome to the conversation!) for their session with Ben Bram on a new project for RCA Records. The whole group was apparently tracking vocals in NYC this month as well.

Sing Off Season 4 winners Home Free were interviewed in conjunction with their new album (see below), did some promotional work around New York City including an appearance at the offices for Billboard magazine, held an AMA on Reddit, appeared on television, announced an upcoming track collaboration with Kenny Rogers, and released a few videos as well.  Busy month for another Sing Off champ!

Danish vocal (and electronic) group Postyr streamed not one, but several live concerts on Meerkat. This is awesome, but not their first time streaming live performances. Check out this post from 2012!

The legendary Take 6 made a trip to Cuba- yes, CUBA- to perform, which was covered here. Also, the group’s sound engineer (and former Sing Off contestant- Urban Method!) Tony Huerta blogged about it here.

If you read Acatribe, you probably know that we did a series on the big changes going on with The House Jacks. You can find the most recent segments here and here, the oldest one is here, and let me just tell you there is still one more in the works, so stay tuned!

The Kettering National A cappella Festival announced that their performing headliners for this year’s festival, on November 13-14, will include The Exchange and Musae, among others.

Sing It On, the television show about collegiate a cappella and the world of ICCA’s which appeared a few months back on Pop TV, is now streaming on Netflix.

Sing Strong, the a cappella festival created by Jonathan Minkoff, announced a new location for 2016- New York! (my home state, and the festival is actually on Long Island, my stomping grounds)- on this coming Feb. 5-7. Tara and I will be part of the production team so you can expect to hear more about the festival from the blog and our Twitter accounts.

Festival organizers for SING! Texas announced that next year’s iteration will be held on March 4-5, 2016, in Austin, Texas, and will feature Deke Sharon’s Vocalosity.

Submissions for CASA’s Sing compilation are due October 9 and you can submit here.

Voices Only announced that it is accepting submissions for the non-scholastic compilation album Forte V, and your group can submit here.

CASA announced there will be a real, live riff-off competition at SoJam this November. If your group is interested in competing, email Marc Silverberg at

The Women’s A Cappella Association shared an article about the Rockabellas, a group of female musicians selected to promote a Pitch Perfect 2 line of makeup by CoverGirl.

A Cappella Academy is now accepting applications for summer 2016. Check here for more info.

BBC Two has a new talent contest to find “Britain’s most entertaining amateur singing group” called The Naked Choir with Gareth Malone. Here is the link to the main page, though it isn’t clear how viewers in other parts of the world will be able to watch.

Harmony Sweepstakes finalists Low Key from New York City made an appearance on Fox’s Batman-less Gotham, which you can find on the group’s Facebook page here.

It was announced that Pitch Perfect 3 is coming to movie theaters on August 4, 2017.

The Alexandria Harmonizers announced details for their next Aca-Challenge, which you can find here.

The Australian Voices made a few U.S. appearances. You can check out more about the group and future performances on their website.

MTV featured a post about Durham Academy’s XIV Hours which you can check out here.

I did not know this was a thing, but apparently it will be the 19th Annual Faneuil Hall A cappella Competition coming up on October 17 and 18. Learn more here.

Jimmy Fallon’s “Ragtime Gals” barbershop bit invited Joseph Gordon-Levitt to cover some Rihanna here.


Home Free released their newest album, “Country Evolution,” which hit #4 on the Billboard Country Album chart and 46 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Postyr also released their new album Paper Tiger, which is currently digitally available only in Denmark with international digital release scheduled for early 2016. You can order a physical disc from the group’s website and international shipping is available. Also, we will be putting up a detailed look at the album and the group’s work over these past 2 years very soon, so stay tuned.

Tonic Sol-fa released their new album “Original.”

Finnish vocal rockers Fork announced the release of their live DVD and CD “X,” celebrating 10 years together.

Canadian 80’s synth pop cover group Retrocity held a Toronto release dance party for their new album “Mixtape.” The group did a number of promotional appearances both in person and online, and we have an interview with them about this release coming soon.

Voices Only announced the tracklist for Voices Only 2015, which is now available for purchase on multiple digital platforms and is streaming on Spotify as well. (*I am a producer for Voices Only and have no intention of making this a blatant promotional grab. As the second longest-running a cappella compilation to my knowledge behind BOCA, the releases are newsworthy)

DC area group Vox Pop released their first two in a series of singles on iTunes, “Runaway Baby” and “Don’t Cry.” You can find them on iTunes and Loudr.

Traces showed a bit of what they’ve been working on in the studio with their cover of “What is Love,” which you can find here.


New York City-based Duwende, a personal favorite, released this cover of “Message in a Bottle” and also this cover of “Valerie.”  They also released a number of VLOGs, so you should probably just go straight to their YouTube Channel and subscribe.

Postyr also released this video of their song “We Don’t Wanna Breathe,” which might just be your only place to hear the song digitally until the international release in early 2016.

International virtual group Accent released this video of “I Will Wait For You.”

It’s been a while since we heard from vocal band Transit, but the group is back with this video of “Ghost.”

For those who speak German, quintet Unduzo released this interview. For those who don’t and who haven’t heard of the group, you should really check them out. A quick search on YouTube should work fine.

Fourty4B released a video for “Hold My Hand” (not the Hootie song #datedreference) on their Facebook page which you can find here.


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