AcaVids is Back: May 2015

It’s been quite a while, but we’re going to get the AcaVids segment back up for at least 2 posts a month, possibly more.

Things have been quite busy in the a cappella community and with a cappella on mainstream social media and even traditional media outlets. Here’s a smattering of what’s been released, performed, or featured in the month of May. Enjoy!


The lovely ladies of Honey Whiskey Trio

The international virtual (and occasionally IRL) vocal jazz sextet Accent

Boston’s immensely talented Fermata Town

The legendary Cadence (or Kurt Sampson and the legendary New York Voices)

Elon University’s Twisted Measure


Peter Hollens

Switching gears, here is how a cappella has hit the traditional airwaves in recent weeks:

Sing It On

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon return their Ragtime Gals- with Sting

Naturally 7 on The Today Show

Straight No Chaser performing at the Indy500

Finally, a bit of miscellany:

Our friend Florian from The Vocal Blog chronicled his trip to Helsinki to see Fork’s latest theater show.

and The Funx shared a view into their recent trip and songwriting process


As always, feel free to share your AcaVids with us by emailing, DMing us on Twitter @acatribe, or message us on Facebook right here.

What do you think?