Compilations FTW

For years, a cappella compilations have provided one of the best and most cost-effective ways to discover high school and collegiate, national and international groups. When I was in college, I was hungry for new a cappella music, and this was before iTunes was a thing. The most exciting time of the year for me was when the new BOCA (Best of College A Cappella) CD was released, because it was always a chance to discover 5, or 10, or 15 new groups doing new things I’d never heard before. If I loved what a group was doing, I’d often send them a check (no PayPal either) to purchase their new CD. It was a wondrous way to discover new music (also before YouTube! You get it. I’m old). It was also the ONLY way to discover college groups in other parts of the country other than RARB.

Compilations are not just a great way to discover new music, they are also a great way for your group to build your following among people who love a cappella music.

Yes, we now have iTunes. And YouTube. But each year I continue to discover new groups through some of the compilations which will follow. I highly recommend you check them all out and consider purchasing a few (if not all of them!)

[FULL DISCLOSURE- I am an associate producer for Voices Only, which produces compilations of scholastic and non-scholastic vocal recordings]

Best of Collegiate  A Cappella and Best of High School A Cappella–

Apply by November 1 here–

Voices Only (scholastic)–

Voices Only Forte (non-scholastic)–

Apply by December 14 here-


Apply by October 31

Women’s A Cappella Association- WACA Vol. 1–!wacavol1/c1jjl

Apply by Dec. 1 here–!wacacomp-submission-form/c225s

Come Together– the A Cappella Education Association has a new compilation in the works for collaborative tracks-

Apply by Dec. 31

Best of Jewish A cappella

If you know of some other a cappella compilations we missed, feel free to share them in the comments!


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