AcaVids 7-9-14: Harmony Society Champs and More

This past weekend was the Barbershop Harmony Society‘s International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The winning quartet was a group from New Zealand called the Musical Island Boys, who I nearly featured in an AcaVids post back in April. D’oh! Well, they earned their way in here now. No clips of their winning performance yet, but here they are performing in 2013 (they were subsequently the Silver medalists at the 2013 international competition). They also won the collegiate competition in 2006, so they have consistently been one of the best quartets in the world for a while now.

Next up, the winners of the chorus category- Vocal Majority– with their actual gold medal winning performance.

Sorry to say I couldn’t find any videos from the winner of the collegiate category, The Academy.

Next, check out this “mass sing” of convention-goers in Vegas- when are we doing this at a CASA festival?!

Finally, for fun, a few random barbershop videos I came across on the interwebz.

Round Midnight

Da Capo



And a random tag for good measure

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