AcaVids 6-23-14: Catching Up

If you’ve been a little too busy lately to follow up on the latest acappellerz on the youtubez, we’re here to help.

The Legit Music Video Department

Fermata Town‘s cover of Lonely Boy


Home Free‘s original Champagne Toast (On a Beer Budget)


Eh440‘s original Died on the Table

The B@sh!t Crazy Proposal Department
Cadence, singing a proposal on the top of the CN Tower

The “Blurred Lines” Mashup You Never Expected Department

The Edge Effect

The LOTR Meets Field of Dreams Department

Peter Hollens (featuring Taylor Davis)

The Ancient History Department

And, in case you already saw all the new stuff, here’s a video of a performance which is positively ancient by a cappella standards: Da Vinci’s Notebook!!!

What do you think?