AcaVids 4-29-14: Spanning the World (April 2014)

Every once in a while I like to look outside the most popular American circles for a cappella which might have escaped the attention of many/most American fans. You can see the last edition of this campaign here.

Now, I realize readers from the countries, regions, or continents represented in the following post may be familiar with these groups, but I suspect that quite a few of our readers are not.

France’s Ommm

and their most recent

Singapore’s Key Elements

Sweden’s Pros and Cons

I particularly enjoy finding groups in regions which don’t get a whole lot of coverage, so I was excited to find B4, from Auckland, New Zealand. Enjoy their Usher medley.

I know that Saudi singer Alaa Wardi isn’t an a cappella group, but he is a ridiculously good multi-tracker in the vein . Check out this video.

Do you know some lesser-known international a cappella videos which might interest other aca fans? Comment below or email us at