AcaVids-April 20: Happy Easter!

Good Morning All! Happy Easter to all, or Passover to those who celebrated this past week. We are a week past BOSS 2014 and congratulations to all who won CARA’s! Special congratulations to Rockapella, a group I have admired since childhood, for winning the first ever CARA Lifetime Achievement Award! While I was unable to get to Boston for what was an epic weekend, I am happy to say that my students had the opportunity work with Deke Sharon, and what an experience it was. He was able to make a stop in NY’s Hudson Valley before hitting the road to Louisiana, where he has started production for Pitch Perfect 2! What an honor, and what a great person to learn from.

Onto some videos!


ARORA- Morning Light

The official video for ARORA’s “Morning Light” is beautifully shot, and brings the story to life. When their album Bioluminescence was released, I was one of the first to purchase it. It was unlike any other a cappella album I’ve heard. The songwriting is excellent and they have certainly mastered their craft. CARA judges felt the same as ARORA beat out Pentatonix for the Best Album CARA this year. Well deserved. While many may not realize that ARORA is a Sing Off alum (as SONOS), they hopefully will start getting more recognition for their talent and abilities.


Cheyenne Mountain High School Crimson- Shambala

Here we have a video from one of the finalists in this years ICHSA competition (FINALS THIS COMING FRIDAY, APRIL 25!!). As a high school teacher working with his own group, it is great to be able to look up other high school groups and see how they are faring. This all-female group from Colorado does a lot with a small group, and that is impressive. I wish them the best this weekend, along with all the other groups participating. Special congratulations to Northern Highlands High School for bringing 2 groups to this years finals!


All the King’s Men- Treasure

All The King’s Men is the international representative in this year’s ICCA finals. They have been raising money to make the trip and while this performance may be a bit subdued as they are just sitting in front of a camera, there is good reason why they will be joining 7 other college groups at the SOLD OUT finals.

In some other news, as I mentioned above Pitch Perfect 2 has begun production! The release date is scheduled for May 5, 2015 (5.15.15 to make it easy!). Also, sending congratulations to JD Frizzell and Briarcrest OneVoice for releasing their new concept album, Drive All Night, which can be purchased on For the record, if you have not been to GET THERE. There is an abundance of a cappella on there for each of you to get your hands on! Last but not least, I am proud to announce that the A Cappella Education Association is in full force and if you have not become a member yet (its free), head over to and sign up. Exciting things are coming, including but not limited to, potential presentations at education conferences, AEA sponsored a cappella festivals, and so much more.

Have a Happy Easter/Passover!


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