AcaVids 4-6-14: Harmony Sweeps 2014

Though it doesn’t get nearly as much recognition as the ICCAs and ICHSAs, there is another competition for a cappella groups around the country each year which features a far broader spectrum of styles, demographics, and personalities. It has been around for nearly 30 years, and included legendary groups like  The Coats, m-pact, Naturally Seven, Toxic Audio, The Idea of North, and many others. I’m talking, of course, about the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival.

In previous years, I tried to sniff out some of the top lesser-known groups before each regional round, but things just didn’t work out this year.  Instead, I’m just gonna give you a taste from each of the regional winners. You can also check out the Harmony Sweeps YouTube channel right here.


Starting with winners of my local New York regional (hometown bias!), here are the amazing youngsters from Georgia (not the American kind!), The Quintessential Five

Recent LA champs, FOURTY4B

Next up, Mid-Atlantic winners Catatonic

Chicago champs, 3 AM

The San Francisco winners, Prime Time

Pacific NW champs, SeaNote

Good luck to each of these groups in the May 17 National Finals!

And, since I cannot go without mentioning/plugging last year’s champs, the lovely and talented Honey Whiskey Trio

What do you think?