What is SingStrong? SingStrong is a full weekend event featuring, FIVE concerts, TWO competitions, TWO days of workshops and coachings, ALL a cappella, AND all for charity. Everything an a cappella fan could want AND proceeds benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

Acafriend Michael Marcus recently wrote an excellent summary of The 14 Best Things About Sing Strong 2014. (I strongly encourage you to click the link and read his post-it highlights all of the wonderful parts of #SingStrongDC2014.)

I could spend pages sharing my thoughts about how wonderful I think this festival is, how incredible the volunteer teams are, how well organized this event is, and how I am proud to have become a part of this family, but…this is AcaVids, so let’s get to some NEVER SEEN VIDEOS! (Okay, so some of the videos have been seen, but NOT from my vantage point, or with my stellar (read: not-so-stellar) videography skills!)

Crowd favorite, of The Sing-Off Season 4, TEN took the stage with a few adjustments to their line-up.


American Idol’s Blake Lewis (who has deep a cappella roots) demonstrated his singing, beatboxing, and looping skills.

He also performed his original song, ‘Your Touch’ with Blue Jupiter.

Blue Jupiter rocked the stage as always!

My favorite song that Blue Jupiter sang was the wildly popular ‘Let It Go’ from the movie Frozen.

New York based all-female group Stiletta showcased their vocal, dance, and beatbox skills.

Hailing from all over the US and Canada, The Funx delivered two powerful sets. I can’t even handle Nate Tao in this video.


Kaila Mullady, Beatrhyme champion, showed us how she combines lyrics, vocal percussion, and backing accompaniment.

Live-looper, Grace McLean was wildly entertaining. I did not catch her first (and insanely hilarious) song, but all of her set was very witty and well done.

NYC doo-wop quintet is the only group to have ever won SingStrong’s Aca-Idol twice!

Barbershop Harmony Society International gold medal winners, The Alexandria Harmonizers, showed that even a group of dozens (hundreds?) can deliver impeccable sound and fun choreo!

DC based group, The Capital Hearings are always fun to see perform. I have enjoyed seeing them grow and evolve since seeing them for the first time.

For more videos from #SingStrongDC, check out my playlist! (It’s not completely complete yet, so check back!)

What do you think?