AcaVids for March 9, 2014

Hey All! So as we all know (or should know) ICCA’s and ICHSA’s are in full swing, and if you haven’t heard… The Sing Off Tour has been highly successful, playing to sold out crowds across the US! Big props to Home Free for releasing their latest album (which is fantastic by the way), The Filharmonic for releasing their video for the Pharrell Williams hit, “Happy”, and one of my favorite up and coming groups, ReVoiced (with my good friend Chris Rossi) pulling off a successful tour in Arizona and Wisconsin! Congratulations are in order for Blue Jupiter for hosting another successful SingStrong DC event (which also featured American Idol runner up, Blake Lewis, and Season 4 Sing Off runner up, Ten).

Now on to some videos!


Say Something (A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera Cover)- Pentatonix

Ok, so I know this isn’t fully a cappella, with Kevin playing cello and all, but the structure of this arrangement is one of the reasons why Pentatonix is so popular.  The fact they can take a song, keep the artistic integrity intact and STILL manage to make it better than the original is one of the reasons I fell in love with them during The Sing-Off.  The inclusion of Kevin’s drums and deciding to let Kirstie take the solo (with a little help from Avi) gives the song new life in my eyes.  They should start playing this one on the radio!


We Found Love- UChicago Voices in Your Head

I have to admit something here… I do not care for Rihanna’s music at all.  But hearing Chris Rishel’s take on “We Found Love” left me chills, so much so that I bought the arrangement myself.  The ability to take a simple pop song and create a hauntingly beautiful choral arrangement takes skill, and Chris has it… If you haven’t heard his other arrangements, I suggest you head to and start.  In this video, you can see how Voices in Your Head turns the song into an actual story (what is equally impressive is how they managed to create a solid ICCA set with We Found Love, Titanium and Little Lion Man about a relationship going from beginning to end, all in 12 minutes.)

Some Kind of Wonderful/The Way You Make Me Feel- The Fault Line

Yes, I know, I am being a little shameless here.  This was one of my favorite moments in my a cappella career.  To receive mention in Mickey Rapkin’s book, Pitch Perfect, because of the opportunity on AGT is something I will treasure and value for the rest of my life.  I hope you enjoy!


By the way… Deke Sharon, if you are reading this and need some extras in Pitch Perfect 2, I am down!

Talk to you all soon!

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