AcaVids 3-2-14: Back in Action

Hey there, long time no see. February was a crazy month for me personally, I was out of commission for nearly two weeks with a respiratory/sinus infection and possibly the flu, I had a ton of legal work due, and I’ve been busy listening to some great music being submitted for Voices Only 2014. All of this just didn’t leave a lot of time for AcaVids, but I and we are ready to get things rolling again.

This week, I wanted to go new AND old, so first a few favorite recent releases followed by some of my favorite #AcaVids featured here in 2013. Hope you enjoy, and remember- we’re happy to accept suggestions or submissions by emailing them to or tweet us @acatribe.

Five O’Clock Shadow resurfaced after a lengthy spell of relativity last April with a new EP and an appearance at BOSS. Those of us who are old enough to remember “So There” are happy to have them back. Here’s a live clip of their released in February which shows their versatility.

MICappella is obviously a favorite here at Acatribe (and of mine personally). Did you catch their video for Royals?

Somehow, I didn’t know about Reeps One. I really need to be following the beatboxing community a little more intently. Check this dude out.

I know they don’t need any help with promotions, but PTX did such a killer job on this version of “Say Something” that I couldn’t resist.

Now, on to some of my favorites from the AcaVids segment in 2013.

Before they were on The Sing Off, VoicePlay did this cheeky version of the then-ubiquitous “The Fox” by Ylvis.

I was psyched when Heather featured UO Divisi’s famous version of “Yeah!” back in August…you should have been too!

Tara featured another Acatribe fave- the Swingle Singers doing “You Oughta Know” in a way you never expected.

I was really happy to find the charming Icelandic group 3 Voices & Beatur. I didn’t actually feature this video, but it was in contention.

The Exchange had some fun videos in 2013, here’s a flash-mob/candid-camera-y one I enjoyed.

Finally, I love going around the world, so here was Hungarian group Fool Moon’s video for Kettesben jo.

What do you think?