2014- Get Excited!

A few weeks ago, we talked about some of the biggest news stories from the world of a cappella in 2013 (here).  Well, now we’d like to tell you about some things to look forward to in 2014. Sit back, relax, and get excited.

Group Plans

Postyr Project has already gotten off to a busy start in 2014 with more than 20 performances in Denmark and they will be headlining the Berlin A-CA festival with Fork, Rock4, and MuSix. Postyr Project also launched a collaboration this January with the international fashion brand Vero Moda, who selected the band’s song “Run Run Run” for their spring campaign video. Later in the year, the group will be touring Germany, Sweden, the Baltics, and Denmark and they hope to release a new album with original songs for voice and computer and possibly a book about group dynamics and icebreakers. Also, they are planning a Postyr Summer Camp. They are also looking into possible trips back to the U.S. and to Asia for 2015!

The Swingle Singers will continue their Swingle50 project as they work toward a new album. Donors on PledgeMusic have already received early versions of”Piper” and “After the Storm,” which sound terrific. The new album will hopefully be released in late spring early summer.  The group is also working on some exciting collaborations for another album, and they hope to produce some new videos as well. They will also be launching a Summer School in London, with details still to be determined.

The Exchange will be releasing their second album, with all originals and featuring a hybrid vocal/instrumental approach, in early 2014! They will also be headlining the Festival of Voices in Australia.

Honey Whiskey Trio, 2013 Harmony Sweepstakes National Champions will perform at the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival alongside The Sing-Off Season 4 winners, Home Free on Saturday, February 1st. In addition, these fabulous ladies are excited to announce the release of their self-titled EP (available for download via cdbaby.com on 1/25!), featuring ‘Freight Train Blues’.  This track was added to their Harmony Sweeps set just a week before the competition and recorded in just one take! Also included is ‘Nothing But The Water’ by Grace Potter. Their performance of this song at SheSings can be seen here.

The Real Group will be coming to the U.S., with appearances in California in February. Learn more here.

The House Jacks plan to release an album of original music this fall, and get this- each track is/will be recorded alongside a different a cappella group from countries around the world (China, Brazil, etc.).

The King’s Singers will be touring the U.S. and Canada in support of their new album, Great American Songbook, starting in New York this week. Check out the tour schedule here.

Overboard will be returning to the Berklee Vocal Summit, where they work with students to build a small a cappella ensemble that performs on the final day of the festival.

Eh440 is working on an album of mostly originals which they hope to release in May 2014. Rumor has it they’re using some new technology and techniques in the process, so look forward to that!

Fermata Town is working on a new album with Tim Bongiovanni which may include some of their recent singles and are hoping for a late summer album release date. They are aiming to do an east coast CAL tour sometime this year, and also to possibly shoot a video for one of the new songs.

Blue Jupiter has hinted that they may release one or even two albums in 2014. Follow them on Twitter to catch more news.

Arora is working on at least one, and possibly as many as three videos for 2014. They may be appearing at several aca-festivals in 2014 as well.

The Boxettes are in the early stages of exploring sounds for their debut full-length album, which should feature mostly originals and be “a lot more alternative- think James Blake, Little Dragon, Camille…”.  :-)

Ball in the House plan to release a new album sometime in March. Keep an eye out for their Kickstarter campaign set to launch in a week or so to help fund this project.

re:Voiced just announced a list of upcoming February/March tour dates in Arizona and Wisconsin. If you’re in the area, you don’t want to miss them!

Five O’Clock Shadow is writing new music for an all-originals album with a to-be-determined release.

Denver group, Motive (produced by Tony Huerta/Sonic Audio Productions) will be releasing an EP. Members of this group include Zakk Wooten of re:Voiced and Daniel Bailey of UCD Mix.

Duwende and m-pact have joined forces to present “I Wish-For All Time”, a show dedicated to celebrating the work of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Click the links for locations and ticket information.

Redline is working on the follow-up album to their CARA winning debut, “Inbound.” which they hope to release in 2014, and they will be headlining a winter festival in Cooperstown, New York, and performing at a fundraiser for Symphony NH with the Tufts Beelzebubs.

NYC based group, Blackout will release two songs in the next month or so. We also hear that there may be a VERY exciting announcement coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Funx plan to release a new video sometime in February. They are also one of several groups performing at SingStrong in DC. (See link below in TEN’s update for more info.)

Low Key, a male group in New York City, has developed a niche market, singing for proposals and weddings in the area. with a bunch already planned for 2014. The group also plans to compete once again in the Harmony Sweepstakes competition.

Sunday Afternoon is gearing up for a BIG year! Their recently released EP, ‘Turn Up’, is available for download on Loudr and iTunes. They will be releasing three new videos, one a month for the next three months starting in February, with more information forthcoming. Also, they are excited for their first ever summer tour! They kick things off in Cedar Rapids on May 10th and then hit the road. They hope to join up with other a cappella groups and put on joint concerts in various cities. Be sure to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter for further updates.

MICappella are in the planning stages for their second full-length album which they hope to feature even more originals and to release in late 2014. They also plan to release more videos in 2014, following up their recent video cover of Lorde’s “Royals.”

Traces have a few gigs coming up this spring and are working on a new single.

UPDATE: Street Corner Symphony will be joining The Sing Off Tour from March 11-14 in OH, TN, and IN. Rumor has it they may also be involved with another television reality show later this year.

The Sing Off Contestants

The Sing Off Tour will be hitting cities across the country throughout February and March, featuring Home Free, VoicePlay, and The Filharmonic, as well as occasional local guests. Find out more here.

Home Free,  TSO Season 4 winners, hit #1 on the iTunes country chart and #3 overall with their release of ‘Crazy Life’.  They will be the headlining performers at the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival on 2/1/14 before kicking off The Sing-Off Tour in mid-February. Inside sources also reveal that they *may* be working on developing a southern tour of their own to complement TSO Tour later in the year. Southerners, keep your eyes peeled!

TEN is dropping a new single next month! We hear it promises to provide listeners with TEN in its ‘true form’, a bit different from TSO. Get ready to party and dance with this one! TEN will also perform at SingStrong in DC, the 3 day a cappella festival all for charity February 21-23. Check out the full schedule here!

Element  hit their indiegogo campaign and will be releasing their first album soon. They will be performing with The Sing-Off Tour on February 21st (Red Bank, NJ) and 23rd (Westbury, NY).  They are also working with the folks at Project Philly on March 1st. Stay tuned for more details about this event.

The Princeton Footnotes leave for a week-long tour of Israel on January 25th. They will be singing  at an army base in Tel Aviv, giving a concert in Karmiel, and performing with the Jerusalem Youth Choir at the International YMCA of Jerusalem. In February, they will be releasing “The Orange Album”, featuring their newest songs, hoping to wow fans with new techniques they employed. They, too, will be joining The Sing-Off Tour shows on February 21-23.

VoicePlay has released “Collide,” a collection of the 8 tracks on which the group collaborated with other contestants from The Sing Off Season 4. You can find it on their website here and it is also on Spotify.

General A Cappella News

Pitch Perfect 2 begins filming this spring for a 2015 release.

Camp A Cappella returns, and as I mentioned in the 2013 summary, there is a separate week for non-scholastic singers!

Mouth Off is going to be returning, this time it’s for sure, and it will involve a new(ish) format and rotating hosts.

Voices Only is celebrating its 10th anniversary and recently announced that the scholastic compilation has been expanded to include the best high school submissions. Check out more (including the February 15 submission deadline) here.

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