AcaVids: Hanukkah-ppella

Sure, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but tonight? Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. In honor of our quaint little holiday (in the shadows of Thanksgiving and Christmas), some vocal Hanukkah music.

Actually, this first one is a combination, the always funny and talented six13 has a new “Thanksgivukkah Anthem.” Enjoy. :-)

Next up, another talented Jewish group that manages to come up with fresh and entertaining videos on a regular basis, the Maccabeats.

I missed this video last year from a group called Stand Four.

Last, UC-Berkley’s Kol Hadov did this fun little version of the dreidel song a few years back…and I believe they are correct: Jews don’t dubstep.

Happy Hanukkah to my fellow Jews, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans, and we’ll get to Christmas greetings and videos soon enough.


Bonus, non-aca video celebrating Thanksgivukkah: “Oils”


What do you think?