Hot & Dangerous – AcaVids 05/13/13

Everyone has that guilty pleasure. Maybe it’s chocolate, or sports cars, or maybe it’s trashy pop music about misusing Jack Daniels as mouthwash. Mine happens to be the latter of the group. Now that it’s the end of the year, everyone’s ready to get down, including me.

Ke$ha has taken the international top charts by storm with songs like Tik Tok, Your Love is My Drug, C’Mon, Die Young, and many others. Her songs, while easily danceable, are sometimes difficult to translate into a cappella due to the heavy reliance on bass, beats, and electro noises. They aren’t the most savory of topics, either…although for college, you can certainly make it work. Ke$ha is all about boots, boys, booze, and Gold Trans Ams. Can these groups make sleazy easy?

TiK ToKClemson TakeNote

These lovely ladies from Clemson University, South Carolina, are willing to bump and grind to give you a good time. Watching them perform is like watching a 90s girl group in their prime just werking it. 1:36 is probably my favorite part. Dropping it low is always admirable. I love that they have such simple choreo, but its enough to get the crowd pumped up. Watching a girl group command the stage is wonderful, especially since so many people expect girl groups to be “classy” and “choral” and…ew. TakeNote takes it to a whole ‘nother level, and I love it.

BlowOverboard Vocals

The boisterous boys of Overboard have been known for their sequence of Free Track Tuesdays. Every Tuesday they would give the people what they want, whether it was a Christmas tune, Freebird, or even our girl Ke$ha. The best part about Free Track Tuesdays is that the tracks are fully produced by the group, so they can add awesome effects to enhance the song to sound as authentic as possible. Let’s just talk about the insane range of Nick Girard who happens to be owning the solo. Although there are some fancy effects added to it, you can’t deny that the dude is killing it.

Your Love is My Drug/DynamiteMSU Accafellas

What’s better than a bunch of boys singing girl pop? Very few things, although when a male really commits to making it a production, it’s something special. Ke$ha already makes you want to get up and dance, but with this addition of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite, you can’t help but squirm in your seat. Props to classically trained Dynamite soloist. Dat vibrato. Seeing boys perform Ke$ha is great, but seeing them actually enjoy it is much better.

C’Mon Die YoungBacktrack Vocals

Perhaps my favorite a cappella take on Ke$ha comes from the newly formed Backtrack Vocals in NYC. Made up of two dynamite ladies (soprano and alto, respectively), a bari and a bass, with a rotating VP, Backtrack proves that they’re a force to reckon with. I love their use of simple rhythms, and almost a Pentatonix-esque use of harmony to the main melody. Their mash up is so flawless, and makes so much sense. Their Alto Carly gets a special shout out for having the best Ke$ha impersonation of all of the videos, though. If you pay close attention, you’ll realize there are a few other top 40 hits in the mix. Overall, a great Ke$ha cover.

The only question remains: do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?

Your Dance Commander,

PS: I saw Ke$ha live earlier this month. She was insane, not terrible, and spit beer on the crowd. I went home beer-soaked and happy.

Mayfest Ke$ha

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