AcaVids 3/18/13: A Sing Off Tribute

The Sing Off is Back!

Well, not right now. But, eventually! So in honor of the news every Acanerd around the country has been waiting to hear I thought I’d dedicate this week’s post to the show that made a cappella cool to more than just our devout community.

Never in my wildest dreams as young a cappella disciple did I ever think the music that I loved to perform would be considered cool to more than just the people I sang with. A cappella on national television never even entered my mind. Sure, I got to sing to Katie Couric on the Today Show with my college a cappella group, [Ed.- me too! And Willard Scott was singing along with us from D.C.!] but I’d hardly call that “cool”. We just never thought that the joy we felt from our performances would translate to a mass audience. We didn’t understand why, but then again we didn’t care that much either.

Fast forward a few years (decades?) and I hear that there’s going to be an a cappella competition show on TV in the vein of American Idol. I am immediately excited and annoyed. A cappella on TV? Great! Simon Cowell-esque judges berating performers of a genre they didn’t understand? Terrible! Thankfully, nothing that horrific happened. I watched every episode with excitement. And, after what I thought was slow start with the first season, the competition just got better and better culminating with the discovery of the most electrifying a cappella group I have ever seen, Pentatonix.

So, as we await the new season coming sometime this fall, and wonder if there is a group out there that can blow our minds more than PTX, lets take a look at what some of the old contestants have been up to since then.

~p.s. – Note the professional quality videos too. Should we expect an A Cappella VH1 any time soon?

Season 2 winners Committed



Season 2 runner ups Street Corner Symphony



Season 3 winners Pentatonix



Hope you enjoy them!

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[Ed.- Couldn’t resist mentioning Delilah’s recent performances at the Texas A Cappella Celebration and Los Angeles A Cappella Festival are worth watching as well- here’s one.]

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