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A month ago, I would have thought it impossible that Long Island, a suburb of New York City which is more populous than many states (it would be 13th in population), could look like a war zone.  Of course, that was before the storm.

I was lucky- we were only living without power for 6 days. My parents went 2 weeks without power or heat. Many went longer.

I was lucky- a tree came down from across the street, landing on power lines, but it didn’t come down on my car. Or my house. Or me.

This tree is still blocking half of the street in front of my house. And since I don’t have a chainsaw, I’ve only been able to cut up the branches which rested 15-20 feet on my lawn.

Many others were not so lucky.

Believe it or not, there’s a house back there. I grew up with one of the occupants.

My dad standing next to earth torn up from a massive tree


This tree caused roof damage to 2 neighboring houses.

I know folks around the country have been hammered with requests for donations, and I can imagine they are tiring of such requests. All I can say is this- we all believed this kind of devastation was impossible. For over a week, dozens of MAJOR intersections across Long Island remained without power, and without police officers. There were many accidents.

You probably heard that we couldn’t get gas into the stations that had power, so people sat on lines at gas stations. My boss sat at one such line for 12 hours, on the word of the owner that he was going to get a gas delivery at some point that day.

But as stressful as all this was (and trust me, driving in the dark down major roads towards major intersections with NO lights is quite stressful), it cannot compare to the people whose homes have been totally devastated.

So, when I heard that Marc Silverberg wanted to put on a hurricane benefit concert in Huntington, I told him I’d do whatever I could to help.

Here’s the details:

Friday, November 30, 7:00 pm

Long Island A Cappella Presents: 

Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert
Central Presbyterian Church
240 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743

Featuring: Good Old Days Quartet, Satellite Lane, Sigma Cappella, FTC Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Notes and Keys

All Proceeds Go To The Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Tickets: $10 at the door for regular admission. $5 for patrons who bring an item for donation (food, clothing, etc.)

If you live on Long Island or even in the tri-state area and have a car, come on over. We could use the support. If not, maybe you could share word with anyone you know who lives in the area. We do have a Facebook Event page here.

If you want to help in some other way, email me at


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